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Be the Change - Take the Challenge

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students: 10b/1; 9kny/2 ; 9a/2 groups

teacher administrator: Katie Lorincz

Language: English

Age range: From 15 to 19

Introduction of the partners:


SDG Action Network

About the project

The objective of this project is for high school students and teachers to make international connections with peers and experts from all over the world and to improve their 21st-century skills. As we all encounter problems every single day, it is important to know how to solve both easy and complex problems. In this project, we aim to show our students how to define problems, how to generate evaluate, select and implement solutions. We believe that this skill will be one of the most important ones in the future workplaces.

Students will learn about the Sustainable Development Goals and the importance of networking using skills relevant in the 21st-century classroom. The project’s main aim is to show students the power of collaboration and make them aware of global issues.


Students will be involved in:
-Researching on the Internet;
-Interviewing community members and experts online;
-Preparing oral presentations;
-Creating shareable and digital materials



Upon completion of this project, students will:
• develop an understanding of problem solving
• identify the skills to participate in problem solving
• better understand the SDG ( Sustainable Development Goals) and the challenges in achieving it
• improve their writing, speaking and ICT skills
• meet international students and become a part of a global community
• participate in thought provoking Skype conversations and self –reflection activities that challenge students to investigate global problems
• become competent users of ICT tools in education
• gain a factual knowledge on global problems& entrepreneurial skills
• learn to express themselves online
• be challenged to share the information they learn



June/July/August 2018-Brainstorming/Building a website/ Finding right project partners

September 2018-Task 1- Padlet- Getting to Know Each Other/ Skype sessions

September 2018-April 2018-Skype sessions

September 2018-Task 2- Infographs- Students create maps addressing problems of their own choice in their own countries/ communities

October 2018-Task 3-Poll- Students choose problems that need to be solved now (using Tricider or other brainstorming software)

Task 3a- Students create a 90 sec video using FlipGrid
November 2018-Task 4-Students work in international teams and create their own blogs using WordPress or other blog sites

Task 4a-Students choose one real problem that is of significant interest/International Groups

December 2018-March 2019-students create presentations or posters using Google Slides or other software and post them on their blogs.

Every presentation must include:
a. A clear introduction and the specific problem selected
b. A clear rationale for why this



Students will work together in international groups and share their final products and reach a wide audience through multiple channels. We hope that this project will make students aware of global issues/Sustainable Development Goals and prepare them for their technological future.

Quality Label:

European Quality Label:

eTwinning Hungary Competition - 3rd place:

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