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Happiness in school

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Information about the project

When children start the school they are full of expectation. They are motivated, they want to learn. This project is about how can we maintain the happiness of the children, how can we keep the curiosity. We collect and share ideas, methods what teachers can use for this purpose in the classroom in the primary school. We are planning to make some indoor and outdoor activities with children.


- Creating happy students.
- Sharing happiness ideas.
- Showing the importance of positive attitude. 
- Promoting up to date ways of teaching and learning.
- Developing social competencies. 
- Teaching emotional intelligence.
- Developing communication. 
- Improving English language skills.
- Enlarging digital competencies.
- Increasing students’ motivation towards learning.

Work Process

2018-19. school year
October: introduction of the participants
November: happiness of the Autumn
December: name game and icebreaker ideas 
January: funny games in the lessons
February: happiness of the Winter
March: celebrating of the Happiness Day
April: happiness of the Spring
May: Mother's day
June: Evaluating of the project

The participants sharing and introduction ideas with videos, presentations.
Organising common Padlet sides for the international days.
Drawing and painting to each other, making and voting common project logo.


Expected Results

By the end of the school year the participants are going to have many ideas for happy school moments. Pupils' work will prove that school can be a great place to get together. Pupils will start to use their English knowledge to communicate with foreign pupils. 
The project's porduct will be shared on TwinSpace and finally children will be asked to share their feelings about the project. 
The school displays will be shared via photos, videos on TwinSpace.

Project coordinator:

Anne Martin - Ecole élémentaire Octave Tordo, Tourrette-Levens, France

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