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Celebration on a Plate

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Information about the project

The children will share their experiences of the Celebrations they have throughout the year. They will look at the meanings of the celebration, the dress we wear, and the food we eat. 
Each school will prepare "plates of food" either by drawing or using craft materials. They will write a short piece about the celebration and these will be shared via the eTwinning Portal and if possible by post. The schools i the project will be able to display the information and build a cultural display of celebrations around Europe. 
They could be Birthdays, weddings, naming days , Christmas , Easter, Diwali,Eid, Boonfire NIght, Saints Days etc Any event where a families or communities celebrate together.


To discover more about our Neighbours and the things that we celebrate. The schools in the project will be able to develop a greater understanding of the different cultural and religious celebrations and the different ways and reasons we all celebrate. (ie Birthdays, Christmas, Eid, Diwali, Weddings, Bonfire Night, Saints days etc) The children will be asked to write short descriptive passages and recounts about their experiences, which will enable them to develop their writing and language skills. They will be able to compare and contrast the celebrations that are common to us all, learn about new ones and celebrate their own cultural background. The project will be linked to the International Rights of the Child, and allow the children to understand the significance of the Rights in a simple but effective way.

Work Process

Throughout the year the schools in the project will be asked to create art work and a piece of writing about a celebration of either a religious or cultural significance, and if possible recipies for food the children like the most, that they are taking part in.(ie Birthdays, Christmas, Eid, Diwali, Weddings, Bonfire Night, Saints days etc) It is expected that the whole school is able to take part to enable the whole school to learn together. Each school will have a key person who will ensure that the work is shared on the TwinSpace and if possible sent to other schools for them to use in a display. 
It is hoped that we will have a final celebration to mark the end of the school year together!

Expected Results

At the end of the academic year the TwinSpace and the schools should have a number of "Plates of food" and children's work showing the diversity of celebrations and cultures. The information on the TwinsSpace will be used to create a final virtual display and the children will be asked to share their understanding and feelings about the project. This will also be linked to the Rights of the Child as they understand the importance of their own culture and that we all have rights to celebrate and enjoy. 
The school displays will also be shared via photos on the TwinSpace so that we can all see the work we have created. 

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