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Getting Closer

About the project

The project aims at finding friends abroad to know their countries, their way of living and culture and planning a journey to visit them.
We hope the project will start a students exchange between our schools so that the virtual trip will become a real one.
The purpose is also to improve students’ use of English.



- Stimulate the students interest in foreign language learning.
- Improve their linguistic level of English: development of communicative skills - mostly writing and reading in a foreign language but also speaking using video chats.
- get the chance to use English in a real context with other peers. 
- enrich the students’ European Identity, by broadening their knowledge of other European countries and cultures and encouraging their international understanding and their awareness of sharing common values.
- improve ICT skills.


At the beginning of the project:
-Students get to know one another by the exchange of information through the Twinspace platform or exchanging, letters, photos and information by e-mail; creating video / Powerpoint Presentations: Introducing yourself - your school- your hometown and region (sites of historical, artistic and landscape interest, economy, typical products and traditional cuisine, traditions, clichés)
-The Twinspace Blog, Forum, and Chat will be used to meet and talk to students and teachers.

Before the exchange:
-Planning and sharing the activities to be carried out during the hosting week in collaboration with the teachers and the host families.( for the hosting group)

During the exchange week: 
-Arrival and hosting of foreign students and their accompanying teachers according to the planned program.
- Project diary

After the exchange:
-Feedback and project monitoring


Exchange of students
- Production of different types of texts
- Video
- Project Diary 
- Power Point presentation about the two Exchange weeks

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