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Our European Future


The students will devise their own outlook on their future on a private, societal and European level. To do so they will share their personal experience and plans for their working lives. Then they will look into different aspects of globalisation like outsourcing, multi-national enterprises and digitalisation. Finally they will create a vision of their future within a European framework focusing on the use of technology and living together.


Teachers want make students aware that they are also in the position of actively creating Europe, forming their society and their own (vocational) future. Students will learn about different concepts and developments in the area of globalisation and society. They will also reflect their own roles within ongoing developments and processes as well as the impact they have on a personal and organisational level. While doing this students will use and improve their English language skills communicating with their peers. Regarding their digital compentences students will refine their use of the Internet and digital media.


Teachers have agreed to devote one lesson per week to the activities on the project. The schedule is as follows:

  • Nov: Introductions

  • Dec: The world of work

  • Jan/Feb: Globalisation

  • Mar/Apr: Our European Future

Pupils will collaborate with each other creating and discussing presentations both in national and international teams. In order to increase intrinsic motivation students will be involved in choosing the topics. Teachers will plan the activities together based on the students‘ input. Each teacher is responsible for one module.


As a final product students will share their vision of „Our European Future“ on a public TwinSpace page using different applications so that students become digital citizens.

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